Fully backed by Proof of On-Chain reserves of Energy tokens

Democratic, decentralized, auditable system

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Jax.Money is a stablecoin payments system with 100% on-chain reserves backed by energy spent, or Proof-of-Work. This platform allows users to issue localized derivatives soft-pegged to an energy-underwritten stablecoin (Wrapped JAX).

Connect your MetaMask wallet to the website through the Binance Smart Chain Network and make sure that you have some BNB (BEP-20) in your wallet.

Jax.Money is fully automated via smart contracts and audited by CertiK. Feel free to check the security report here.

1. Connect your Metamask account and go to the "STAKE" page.

2. Click the Deposit button in the My BUSD staking section.

3. Deposit the initial investment in BUSD.

4. The smart contract will automatically convert half of your deposit to WJAX and add liquidity to PancakeSwap.

5. The yield is deposited by the governor daily if it meets the minimum payout requirement.

6. You can harvest the yield anytime.

The governor defines the liquidity pairs that are suitable for yield payouts. Please check the liquidity pairs whitelist here.

The minimum amount for BUSD staking is set at 100$.

The governor is elected by a simple majority (51%) of VRP token holder votes.

Learn more: Watch Video

VRP means Volatility Reserves Pool. They are issued when you stake WJXN-2. VRP token holders are entitled to VRP yield. The VRP token holders also elect the governor of Jax.Money.

VRP holders are at risk as they provide WJXN-2 to refill collateral during times of under collateralization and they are entitled to the surplus when there is overcollateralization.

All stablecoins that are minted on Jax.Money are backed by JAX (WJAX), which in turn is backed by energy. It means that new coins can only be created when some amount of energy is spent on mining.

The exchange rate is automatically fetched from DEXs. In certain exceptional cases, such as when there is low liquidity or a lack of oracles, the exchange rates are set by the governor.

At the moment, you can swap WJAX to JAXRE (JAX RUPEE) and JAXUD (JAX DOLLAR). We plan to complement this list with other localized stablecoins in the future.

Connect your Metamask account and go to the “SWAP” page. Make sure you have not only WJAX but BNB (BEP-20) to pay for swapping.

The yield is distributed in WJXN-2 between liquidity providers and VRP token holders according to the percentage proportion set by the governor.

Learn more about liquidity providers: https://youtu.be/PDGguYcQ-ds

Learn more about VRP token holders: https://youtu.be/IOcFkid2wHM

The referral program is super easy. Just send a transaction (with a value above the referral amount threshold set by the governor) to a friend or acquaintance that will find Jax.Money useful and receive referral commission on their transactions.

To Learn more about referral program: https://youtu.be/0s2_xmt4Ntc

The APY is the latest yield payout ratio projected for 365 days.

The yield is paid out on a daily basis in WJXN-2 if it meets a minimum threshold.

The yield comes from the transaction fees and markup fees collected by the contract each time a currency swap or a transaction occurs.

The list of responsibilities goes as follow:

To set markup and transaction fees

To manage yield distribution

To whitelist currency pairs, bridges, and liquidity providers

To freeze deposits and withdrawals in the platform in the extreme case of an emergency shutdown

Yes, the governor also receives yield, which can’t be higher than 10% from the total amount of yield collected.

You can swap VRP back to WJXN-2 anytime, provided the collateral provisions denominated in WJXN-2 cover more than 100% of WJAX reserves. This collateralization ratio (currently 100%) can be modified by the governor.

Connect your MetaMask account and make sure that you have some BNB (BEP-20) in your wallet.

Choose tokens you want to swap from the dropdown menu.

Check if the tokens you chose are added to your MetaMask wallet.

Enter the amount you would like to swap.

Check details and confirm the swap.

Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

The markup fee is set by the governor and may vary from 0% to 2.5%.

Open your MetaMask wallet and check if the Binance Smart Chain network is chosen.

Click on the "Add Token" button at the end of the list of assets.

Open the "Custom Token" tab and paste the token contract address.

JAXRE: https://bscscan.com/address/0x86ECE7D9cdA927B3Ec4044Df67B082FA55A1c198

JAXUD: https://bscscan.com/address/0xeff49aED7baaBa69DCBdA577b34850c41e8F5226