Daily Payouts

No Lock-in

Security Audited by Certik

How to get yield?

  • 1 Swap WJXN-2 tokens for VRP
  • 2 Receive yield from Jax.Money


VRP tokens represent voting shares in Jax.Money governance. Volatility reserves pool (VRP) token holders can participate in governor election.

Read more about Jax.Network Governance.



Collect the majority of votes or 51% of VRP tokens.

Learn more: https://youtu.be/eDdVEpHEL0Q

VRP means Volatility Reserves Pool. It allows users to vote for a governor and receive yield. You can get VRP tokens by swapping them with WJXN-2.

VRP holders are at risk as they provide WJXN-2 to refill collateral during times of under collateralization and they make a profit when there is overcollateralization.

The list of responsibilities goes as follow:

To set markup and transaction fees

To manage yield distribution

To whitelist currency pairs, bridges, and liquidity providers

To freeze deposits and withdrawals in the platform in the extreme case of an emergency shutdown

Yes, the governor also receives yield, which can’t be higher than 10% from the total amount of yield collected.

You can swap VRP back to WJXN-2 anytime, provided the collateral provisions denominated in WJXN-2 cover more than 100% of WJAX reserves.